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A maximum learning experience by creating simplicity
                                          in a high-tech learning environment

We help you to distribute and secure knowledge in a sustainable way. Fulcra has extensive experience in creating Competence Centers. We provide full support in setting up the appropriate learning environment that your organization needs.

We tailor every learning process to the approach that best suits your organization. From onboarding new employees to organizing further training and Expert Classes to keep the knowledge of your staff up to date.

With the extensive capabilities of Totara Learn, we offer a learning platform through which we support your employees to meet the challenges of a continuously evolving environment. Knowledge, which new organizational methods and new technological solutions entail, can be safeguarded.

This learning environment, in combination with Totara Perform, offers a competence-based growth environment for your employees.

Creating sustainable job satisfaction
                                          by making optimal use of the talents present

‘Waste of Talent’ is an invisible risk that is very often underestimated. Yet the cost of leaving an experienced worker is enormous. In order to avoid such painful situations, your organization has every interest in providing transparent insight into the talent portfolio of your employees.

With Totara Perform you make the talents of your employees transparent and trackable. By including competence-based objectives and goals into the application, every employee can develop further, both personally and professionally, on a personalized growth path.

Totara Perform guarantees a win-win for your company and your employees. Thanks to the detailed reporting on competence level, the strengths and improvement tracks for a job profile are clearly plotted. The integration with Totara Learn ensures that competence-based programs give your employees a leap forward. This creates new growth opportunities and a tailored career path that can be drafted and adjusted where necessary. Totara Perform thus creates the basis and stimulus for enthusiasm and optimization of job satisfaction for everyone in your organization.

totara perform

totara engage

A new form of knowledge sharing
                                          in a sustainable way

In an organization on the move, which continuously adapts to a rapidly evolving market, knowledge sharing is crucial. Totara Engage therefore offers the ideal platform to secure the knowledge of your employees. It is an interactive platform in which knowledge and experience can be recorded in a structured way, accessible to all employees.

Thanks to the integrated solution of the Totara Learn platform, the knowledge gathered by your employees can be immediately used and reused for future training courses. This dynamic delivery of learning material therefore ensures that expertise no longer remains in the minds of the experts. In this way it is also possible to disseminate techniques and best practices in your organization in a fast and efficient manner.

Not only knowledge sharing but also collaboration becomes a lot more efficient and easier thanks to the Totara Engage platform. Competence Centers or Centers of Excellence can therefore be set up quickly and easily. The extensive tooling of the platform makes it possible to set up discussion groups on the fly, set up question beacons, make documented knowledge easily accessible and much more. In a time where remote working is the norm, Totara Engage ensures that teamwork is no longer dependent on the physical environment. Even globally distributed teams can work together smoothly thanks to Totara Engage. Your organization is literally pushing its boundaries.

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