Who we are

Make acquaintance with a passionate team of experts who help our customers deal with change, enabling them to strive toward sustainable growth. At Fulcra, all team members find a safe haven where they can expand both their personal and professional horizons, empowering them to give their best each and every day. Fulcra also strives to be socially responsible, allowing us not only to support but also enrich a changing world.

Our Mission
Support sustainable change by deploying the right talents to optimize organization and technology.
Our Values

Respect is the foundation of our company. Respect is paramount in everything we do and in every situation.

We strive to be original and unique, but only when this arises from an intrinsic truth. We do not believe in fake and always act from our authenticity.

Our customers and employees can always count on us. We do what we say and say what we do. We only act with expertise.

We believe in the synergistic power of collaboration and are convinced that we can achieve far more as a group than each individual on its own.
socially responsible
Socially Responsible
As a company it goes without saying that we assume our social responsibility and to actively fulfill this role in all aspects of our professional and personal actions.

What we do

we integrate


Together with our customers, we search for a supporting organization that best suits them, which can be either agile or hybrid agile. We guide them in the implementation and ensure that it connects to a sustainable working method.



At Fulcra, we deploy the most essential talents who work together in a synergistic way. In this way we can offer our customers an integrated end-to-end solution on both a technological and organizational level.



Through an integrated end-to-end solution, which extends into the application architecture, we also provide a technical environment that supports sustainable change.

Join Us

At Fulcra, we are constantly looking for new talent to enrich our company. To attract the right talents, we mainly look at a healthy and positive attitude. The desire to get started is the basis, we take care of the rest. If you are convinced that your talents can strengthen our fulcra of change for one of the roles below or you would just like to work with us, please contact us.

Software Engineer

Solution/Enterprise architect

Project/Program manager

Agile coach

Scrum master

Product owner

Business analist





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